Otra Vida has the following sails:

  • Mainsail with three slab reefs (2009)
  • Roller reefing 140% genoa (2011)
  • Hank on blade jib, heavy sailcloth (get-me-home sail) (2010)
  • Gennaker (2016)
  • Storm sail (original)

The boat has plenty of electronic aids including:

  • Primary electronic autohelm directly to steering quadrant
  • Wheel pilot as backup autohelm
  • Radar
  • AIS transceiver, plus AIS receiver in fixed VHF as a backup
  • Three primary GPS sources.  Multiple backups, including dry cell battery operated GPS devices
  • Two chartplotters, plus PC and tablet navigation
  • Forward looking sonar, and 2 x depth sounders

There is a good inventory of spares on board, plus tools and workshop materials that might be usable for part fabrication or repair.  It´s not possible to carry spares for everything, but Otra Vida is quite well prepared.