Books, Movies, Music

There are relatively few paper books on board Otra Vida due to limited space, and as you would expect most are related to sailing, weather, boat maintenance, etc. There is a small selection of literature, philosophy, travel, poetry, cooking and spirituality.

We have a collection of over 20,000 ebooks aboard, most without DRM, which you are welcome to download onto a tablet or e-reader. It is a varied collection of fiction and non-fiction ranging from dismal to satisfying, classic to contemporary. If you have an ebook collection please bring it along to share.

We have a reasonable collection of movies on board. The selection is mostly classic movies, art house films, documentaries, etc.  There are very few blockbusters.   If you have a collection to share please bring it along.

We also have a wide ranging collection of music on board, including classical, opera, electronica, singer-songwriter, rock, world, punk, etc.  Feel free to bring along your music to share.


Creative items

Otra Vida has the following on board:

  • Acrylic paints, brushes, heavy paper, guache
  • Acoustic guitar, capo, and several plectrums (hard and soft)
  • Reasonable selection of workshop tools for wood, metal, etc
  • Sewing equipment and materials

All are freely available for use. There´s no obligation to replace what you use, within reasonable limits, however if you wish to contribute creative items any of the following would be appreciated:

  • Plastic tubes of acrylic paint
  • Artists brushes and palette knife
  • Small djembe or similar drum


Outdoor activities

The following items are on board and available for use communally:

  • Snorkels and masks, two sets of fins.
  • Camping equipment : thermal sleeping mats and sleeping bags, stove and cookware, cups/bowls and sporks.  Note that there is currently no tent on board.
  • Snow & ice equipment : ice axes, crampons, harnesses, rope, avalanche shovels. If you bring skis there is basic equipment for waxing, base repair and edge sharpening on board.