What to Bring


Please only bring soft bags / backpacks on board. Hard shell cases or cases with wheels are not practical on a boat as they cannot be stored flat.

There is limited storage space on the boat, so please do not bring bulky items or a large amount of personal items.  Review the Activities page for information on items already onboard, including musical instruments and sports gear.

You do not need to bring towels, bedsheets, pillows or hammocks – there are plenty on board.


Boat parts and specialist foods

If you are travelling to Otra Vida from a first world country and have space in your luggage I may ask you to bring parts for the boat and/or specialist foods. So that you are sure of what you are carrying you are welcome to open any parcels, or if you prefer I can send you information on what is needed, you can order it yourself, and I will transfer money to you.



What each person chooses to wear or not wear on board Otra Vida is their own personal choice. The only limitation is dressing in a manner that does not cause unnecessary offence to local communities where we are visitors, for example no nudity close to traditional villages, covering hair and most skin for women in Muslim countries, etc.

When the boat is in a warm climate you will need only summer clothing (e.g. shorts, t-shirts, sundresses), swimwear, a light rain jacket, and a light fleece and long trousers for evenings.  Bring sandals for ashore. You may also like to bring a pair of light hiking boots and a small backpack for day hikes.  The sun is stronger on board than on land, because of reflection from the water, so bring adequate sunscreen.

When the boat is in a cooler climate you will need outdoor clothing that remains warm when wet and that dries quickly (e.g. fleece tops and bottoms, thermal base layers), beanie hats, neck gaiters, gloves, warm hiking socks, a reliably waterproof jacket, waterproof trousers, and waterproof boots (suitable for wading ashore, e.g. wellington boots). The outerwear and boots used by commercial fisherman are substantially less expensive and of greater durability than “yachting” outerwear.   For inside the boat bring jeans or similar, a few t-shirts (it can get quite warm with the heater on) and warm long sleeve clothing. It is preferable that you bring your own sleeping bag for use on board in cold climates. Also bring hiking boots (which will get wet) and a medium backpack for day hikes.

Please note that customs/immigration in some countries have dress code requirements.  For men please make sure you can pull together a conservative outfit with long trousers, a collared long sleeve shirt, and closed shoes (i.e. not sandals) in reasonably good condition.  For women, similarly, you should be able to put together a simple conservative outfit.